Missing him :(?

We went on a few days and I fell deeply for him. But I guess he's not ready for anything serious yet so we stopped seeing each other and now I really miss him. Had no I idea I would feel this way after being out with him only a few times. I know this isn't a question lol


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  • Get used to it, cause it only gets worse.

    • Lol it's actually been getting better 😉 But I still miss him a lot ☚ī¸

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    • Lol I think you're not getting what I mean. I was actually talking about myself. And by depressed I did mean just sad about it, in an exaggerated tone. Like I said, it's been better for me in a matter of a couple weeks and this has happened to me before so I know how it goes and it does not get worse or stay the same 😉 But anyway, thanks for the feedback!

    • I know you were talking about yourself... i just presented you with a situation in order to give you an idea.
      How long have you known him for? a week?

  • hahaha

    • 😉 You sound funnier than my question

  • i am also in the same situation


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