I didn't think I was rude. Why did he block me?

I text my ex a week after we met up 2 weeks ago, saying we want different things. nothing's changed & I hope we find what we want. I need someone that's there for me. When we met he was saying he wanted to see me again, telling some guy that I was his girl when he asked, & saying he sometimes wonders why we split up. We didn't have sex, but cuddled & held hands.

He's also been texting since we split up over a year ago & he still has my body cream by his shower, which he brought with him when he moved upstairs - even though we were broken up.

When we met up 2 weeks ago, he kissed me & said he would text me, but he didn't. I sent him that text & it didn't go through till Wednesday. On Friday he said he's really sorry he had no internet so he couldn't reply." He text again later saying, "I haven't had internet since I saw you. Seriously." I didn't reply, because I didn't think I needed to & he never actually addressed my text, just said that he couldn't reply. Last night he blocked me. Was he annoyed I didn't reply? I think he's very immature for a guy in his 30s. All I wanted was for us to talk, but he can't do that.
I didn't think I was rude. Why did he block me?
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