I didn't think I was rude. Why did he block me?

I text my ex a week after we met up 2 weeks ago, saying we want different things. nothing's changed & I hope we find what we want. I need someone that's there for me. When we met he was saying he wanted to see me again, telling some guy that I was his girl when he asked, & saying he sometimes wonders why we split up. We didn't have sex, but cuddled & held hands.

He's also been texting since we split up over a year ago & he still has my body cream by his shower, which he brought with him when he moved upstairs - even though we were broken up.

When we met up 2 weeks ago, he kissed me & said he would text me, but he didn't. I sent him that text & it didn't go through till Wednesday. On Friday he said he's really sorry he had no internet so he couldn't reply." He text again later saying, "I haven't had internet since I saw you. Seriously." I didn't reply, because I didn't think I needed to & he never actually addressed my text, just said that he couldn't reply. Last night he blocked me. Was he annoyed I didn't reply? I think he's very immature for a guy in his 30s. All I wanted was for us to talk, but he can't do that.


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  • You guys have some misunderstandings which is normal. He didn't do anything wrong if he really had no internet at the time, you should have replayed to him and he should have responded to your earlier massage but you both didn't feel the need to, even though you both want to be together or may be he wants your union more than you do, either way if you think he's worth it, then you should give him a real fair chance. Ask him out explain to him the situation and what you want, solve your miscommunication problem, and try to make a deal with him to achieve better communication, so that you can fairly judge the relationship. I think it's worth it..

    • Thanks for the advice. I don't know how to come back from this though. I felt like I didn't need to reply to him, because he was just explaining why he didn't reply. I was also a bit annoyed that he didn't address what I said. I don't see how we can work it out now, after this.

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    • I stupidly text him after he blocked me. Was angry and I said "Ok, so I'm blocked then, for whatever reason. That's fine, because I never really mattered to you anyway. Hope you're good and don't worry, I won't text you again."

      I shouldn't have sent that, which is why I feel there's no going back now. Anyway, there's nothing I can do and he's free to do what he wants since we're not together. I just wish he would talk. He's had bad relationships all his life (friends & family), but pushes away someone who really cares.

      Thanks for your help!

    • I understand. You have done your part, you did good.
      just remember to be a good communicator even if the other party isn't.

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  • Why does it matter? He's your ex right? He's not your boyfriend. He may be upset or he may have decided that since your his ex he doesn't want to spend time talking to you anymore. Time to move on

    • I don't know he's upset. I only said that nothing's changed because he didn't text me like he said he would, when he made out that he wanted to see me again. He also said he hasn't been with anyone since. I thought that he wanted to give things another try. I feel like he's let me down a lot of times & he never talks about things. Will just remove him from my mind now. He's not worth it.

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  • You answered your own questions. He's childish and immature. He doesn't know what he wants. If he's in his 30's and acts this way there is no logical to want to pursue him anymore. He's not the right fit for you. Not your loss x

  • He probably blocked you because he likely thought you were too needy or annoying. Guys need space and if he wants to text you etc he will make the first move. If he doesn't and keeps making excuses he obviously does not appreciate time with you and he is probably not worth keeping. Sorry girl.

    • No that's absolutely not the case, she bruised his ego buy ignoring him, that's why he blocked her, and so that he wouldn't get the temptation to text her again.

    • @Aassem Sorry you are absolutely right. My bad, I did not see the part where the guy texted first before her text sent through later.

    • No problem @johan

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