Can a man change feelings over a week or is he trying to hurt me?

Me and my partner broke up, we was loved up despite our arguements.. when we broke up he said he didn't love me anymore. He came back 2 weeks later and cried and said he does love me he can't stop.. we decided to get back together.

2 months down the line, he left me again a week ago. He said he came back because he loved me and left because he's sick of me moaning. ( I only spoke up because he kept choosing his mates over me, and letting me down when it was meant to be our weekend together.

When he left he said he didn't love me (again) despite saying 2 days before that, that I was his world and he loved me so much and wouldn't hurt me again. It's been a week since we broke and he didn't reach out to me, but he knows I will come running back. Not this time. He said last night that he will always have feelings for me and I'm his one love. But he can't do it anymore.

This morning he said again he does not love me (like he did last time but came back and said he lied)

What's the deal?


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  • All the bs aside, I think it's clear your two together turns kinda toxic each time, you can't have a solid relationship with constant break ups. He will come back, but I'd suggest you don't give in. He will realise being alone sucks and he coukd just so easily have a girlfriend again to fill the gap. But he's shown you're not what he wants long term, so although it's gonna suck for a bit, it might be best to just distance yourself and eventually move on to the right guy.

    • It's confusing, before the break up he wanted to marry me and have kids, so now I'm having his unborn child. It can be toxic that's true

    • You're pregnant and he's not willing to stay for the child sake to even try to work it out? Well that shows the man he is to me. Of I was in his situation, and I thought it coukd work, I'd step up and be the man, and the father. I'm sorry you find yourself in this situation.

    • No we fount out I was pregnant after the first break, I kept him updated. He came back and everyday we was back together he was saying how much he loved me then he left again and said he didn't love me. He says things he doesn't mean but he proberly does mean it. And he wants to be apart of its life but he isn't reliable whatsoever. But yeah i think I will leave him to it for now

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