Does he still like me?

My ex will Snapchat me and he tells me I'm attractive, but then there are periods of time where he will get sorta rude towards me? So does he still like me and not want to admit it or is he just an idiot?


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  • My guess : he wants you to want him, even if he doesn't want you, so he can feel good about himself, when he compliments, he's fishing for you to catch interest. Then when you don't, he's rude, or he's randomly rude because he still has resentment for you two ending. Long story short, he's just being immature and you should just ignore it really.

  • It sounds like a game on his part. I'd stop responding to him and move on rather than letting him jerk you around like that.

    • I'm dating someone else, so I'm not being jerked around anywhere

    • If you say so, but you wouldn't be asking about it if it wasn't at least mildly having an effect. The greatest tell that women have is in responding. If a woman isn't interested, she simply won't respond. If she's replying, then you know you have her interest.

  • he's like a game but the glitchy game


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