Boy's Dilemma.. seeking an answer to a short story?

A couple is in love madly from past 7 years. then the long distance phase comes. boy is madly in love with her, girl also loves her deeply but at same time is approached by different boys, (what generally happens) finally she gives up because of long distance. boy comes back, girl tells her about the things and how she feels guilty for whatever happened. boy and girl both are in pain and shattered but they decide to give their relationship one more try. they work upon things and try to make them as they were before. a new boy comes in girl's life, he says he loves her very much and girl is confused again. she tells this to the boy. now boy is confused... should he give up & leave things on time, or try to persuade girl to save relationship or leave her with her new partner. he is confused whether to fight for her love, put efforts to bring her back or leave the things like that, thinking if they meant to be together they will be. what should he do?


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  • If she loves you, she won't be confused. I get plenty of attention, and offers of a better be. The only one I want is him


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