Coincidence or not? He uses his bff snapchat to view my stories 🤔 why though?

I Met "A" in 2013 and we always had a emotional connection, in 2015 we agreed to separate but rekindled a year later and to our surprise, discovered I was 2 Months pregnant with our first baby together (my first, his second). Difference of opinions between us arose and we maturely separated again for 6 months.

At 8 months pregnant, I lost my daughter due to placental abruption and was devastated but seek peace with everything so I informed him of her passing and her funeral service. He apologized for everything "with the depth of his soul". I genuinely forgave. I offered him a hour of privacy I was given before her actual public service for family began. He was grateful for their first & last daddy-daughter time. We haven't spoke since other than the info given about her service, Still a shock, so I understand the silence between us right now.

I wrote him once that he can always contact me since I know he has no one to truly confide in about his loss too and I know every day isn't upbeat. But he hasn't.

Most recently, I noticed his bff views my stories on Snapchat, but it's during the times that "A" is featured in his snaps that I'll see the name appear. 🤔 Tbh: I think it's "A" that uses his friends snap bc his bff NEVER ever views my stuff. Only when "A" is with him , that's when I notice. Why would he view snaps as his friend's sc when I offered to speak freely? I feel he'll contact me when he's ready. I guess since we aren't connected in any social app he uses his friend's to see about me out of curiosity, but what's the feeling behind it? that's what I'm asking for opinions on.

I'm coping through faith and love for my healing and hope that he will find peace too. I deeply love and forgive him, I know it was his fears that rose above his strength that caused the separation. We never ever spoke negative about each other , not even now. I want to know what you all think of this.. I know it's his grief but what would be the thoughts so I can help.


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  • Does it matter if he's using his Bestfriends snap to look at your story. ? Maybe he feels it's rude if he looked at your story but he didn't text you. Also , I'm sorry for your loss.


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