Is my ex trying to play games with me?

I work work with my ex and i told her i give her space and I did the last two times I worked with her. And when she left and waved to me i thought she was going to do a regular wave but she wiggled her fingers. I worked with her to day and complemented her on what she was doing and she said thanks but it wasn't a mean thanks it sounded like a sad one but I don't know. When she waved to me today she did a regular wave. I don't know if she was mad at me for talking to her or of she is playing games.


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  • Whether she is or not, Id encourage you to keep things professional. If topics get sentimental, back off and either redirect it back to the job, or make it clear that now there's only the job left that binds you two, and nothing else.

  • No idea but a good example of why it not a good idea to date a coworker


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