Why do girls feel the need to write the its not you is me text after a breakup?

When you both know the relationship has ended and then you see the text. when you were just tryong to put your mind on the fact that its over. is it because they feel that it would bring some closure to themselves?

isn't it a cliché? and guys how do you find those text annoying or you feel like you needed it?


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  • I would think almost every relationship has the 'its not you its me' line when it has run its course. Girls do that as a form of self blame to make themselves feel less responsible for breaking off the relationship.


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  • They send those things to make themselves feel better about something I think. It isn't annoying but if it's over I agree they aren't nessisary.

    • yes indeed not necessary at all because why open old wound that have been inflicted by you. trying to convince yourself your a good person. everyone has had someone they broke up with and that text to me is insulting.

    • I don't think you can say it's insulting. It's kind of flattering... they obviously cared a great deal at some point and for some reason there is some insecurity about the breakup they are trying to resolve. Just let em have their silly text. You don't have to reply or get annoyed... just be calm and civil. I have replayed before with simply, thanks

    • i did that too , and i agree with you. it just hurts when you really liked the person you know

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  • make guys sympathise with them, sad really.

    • why would they want sympathy isn't it enough that they ended it or they want to be like they tried to consider your feelings? i feel thats low and sad.

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    • yep thats girls for you

    • yes indeed 😂

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  • because self criticism is the road to self improvement

    • so they criticise themselves because they want to be better then why involve you since your no longer a part of their life

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    • they could see a therapist

    • it' not *that* bad :D

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