Why is it every time I go to meet a girl, I can't get my ex out of my head?

We've been broken up for about 4 months now, and every time I get excited to go and meet another girl, just before I leave I can't get my ex out my head and then don't want to go anymore?


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  • You have to give yourself time to heal emotionally, physically and mentally. They say however long you dated someone for, say two years, it takes double the amount of time to get over someone you once shared your heart with.
    4 months is not a great deal of time, and jumping right back into the dating scene doesn't usually workout too well. When you do plan to go out on dates, maybe before hand mention you just got out of a relationship and are looking for someone new to bond with while you heal.
    Either that, or take a break from dating for as long as you need. Your ex and memories and thoughts will come into your mind, but after you heal those memories will not hold any strong emotion behind them as they once did. That's a way I personally have found out I was ready to move forward.

    I know it's hard to get through breakups, but if you're still in touch with your ex I'd highly recommend cutting all contact and stepping forward on your own. Keep good friends around, and still plan nights out to have fun, but maybe don't look for a date at this time. If you do find someone you're into, and you feel comfortable admitting to said person that you're still recovering from a breakup, then take it as you will. Build a bond more as a friendship with this person, and overtime things may grow into feelings once you're feeling back to your normal self. :)

    don't give up, but do give yourself some room to get over the past relationship. Otherwise, dating will always remind you of your ex, and you will struggle so much more moving on.
    I wish you the best. Don't lose faith, you will get through it!


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