I need to be better for my boyfriend, can someone help?

I have severe depression and anxiety, which can lead to attacks and episodes. One night, I was having a depression episode type thing and I went to my boyfriend talking about suicide and stuff, and then the next day he broke up with me saying "it's just all too stressful, I can't handle it." Can someone help me? I would be willing to go through any medical procedures to fix this. I don't want any answers saying "get over him" "he's not good for you" or anything like that, I only want ways to fix this.


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  • Unfortunately, i'm gonna have to mention what you don't want to hear. With or without him you must go through therapy and treatment. But certainly he is not a person you should have beside you. You need someone who can support you and be there for you during any condition. Not to leave you alone in your darkest moment. If you put your emotions away and think clearly, he is going to harm you emotionally and mentally and leave you alone with a broken heart. So you better not make that mistake.

    Furthermore, you need to visit professional therapists to diagnose your condition. Just make sure to find a suitable one so you can trust them openly. The root and the type of your anxiety must be discovered, and the type of depression must be determined. Whether it's generalized and technical or clinical depression. It's a wide topic. You don't just go through "Medical procedures" out of nowhere. Your condition must go through examination sensitively. You might only need a therapy called "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy" or "Support Group Therapy" these are communicative therapies where you get to visit your appointed psychologist and they help you to face your inner self and core of the issue, eliminate them and bring your mentality into a positive direction. You might need medication, which there are tones of them where they are drugs to enhance your mood and balance your feelings. You might need a combination of both. It entirely depends on what type of anxiety and depression you are battling with and what would be their source. You may also be prescribed for certain physical and internal medical checkup because certain hormonal disorders and imbalances or neural disorders such as (PCOS, MS or bipolar and more) can lead to severe depressions and unstable emotions. They are physical issues who lead to mental illness. Moreover, something you need to know, for overcoming depressions and anxieties, you need strong people around you, who can offer constant support and community, having this condition is not your fault, so you shouldn't be "better" for anyone. Because you're just great the way you are. It's your boyfriend with the issue who can't handle nor support you. Thus he is not good for you. He is a downgrade who will pull you down. You need optimistic, supportive and strong people near you. It's a very important element to have for facing such issues. Please think twice before you act emotionally.

    Good Luck.


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  • Change your diet. You are what you eat. Get busy physically. I mean do work physically on fresh air. Volunteer in a nursing home or something. That should help you to get rid of your depression. Also see what kind of message you are taking
    I was depressed and suicidal when I was your age. I thought that life is not worth living. Once I figured out what this life is for the depression was over

    • I agree with megalyssa don't listen to that guy he is an idoit seriously

    • @peace123 why he might've been honest, it was not something he was ready to deal with. The girl just need to figure herself out first

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  • the only way to get pass your problem is not to talk to people or doctors or anyone just let time heal you otherwise people will destroy you because its in their nature

  • u can help yoga


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