He acted like he loved me but he said we were just friends?

Compliments, jealousy, we were always together. He called me every night. I told him that i loved him. He said you are only my best friend sorry. Why did he do this to me? I can not understand this. I am very sad and lonely. He stopped calling me and said he needed time. What should i do now?


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  • That's tough... I'm sorry... There's a lot of guys in this world, and he just doesn't feel the same way. You know that know, and should be proud you put your feelings out there...

    Take your time, try to focus on hobbies and classes.


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  • The same thing happened to me, there is only thing to do, you should let it go


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  • Did you ask if you are a couple? Did you have any romantic actions?
    Did you even kiss?

    If not, then baby, you did that to yourself.

  • Don't you hate when they do that, right? It's sooooo annoyyyyiinngggg


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