Should this friend be let back into my life?

We met off SM and he dm'd me and we became friends quick. After twoweeks of talking, he started liking me but I didn't feel the same way, but he said that he won't leave me because of that because he still wants me to be in his life even as a friend, Saying all this lovey dovey shit that I'm the perfect girl every guy wants and that I'm the only girl he's fell so strongely for. Throughout those months, he was an amazing friend who was there for me 24 7 and just made me feel extremely cared for. He knew I went through a lot of abandonment and heartbreak by people and so did he and he promised me he will never hurt me and will always be a good friend. The 8month, I started liking him back but then because of things, we couldn't be together. Decided to get over each other but he promised toalways be a great friend. I trusted him and was there for him 24 7. Plus, we met many times in person as well. We became best friends basically. Suddenly, everything changed. He got a long distant girlfriend, for who I gave him relationship advice and was always there toeverything was okay with him and he wasn't upset. They broke up and got back together 3times, during one of those he dated this other girl for only a week. He was just very despret. He would get with any as long as she wanted him. He began ignoring my messages, overall being an absolute dick. He didn't care about the two tragedies I went through that I toldhim about, he just left me on read when I poured my heart out about how upset I was about them and how much I needed a friend to talk to. He left me on read and then twodays later had the guts to call me and ask for advice about his relationship as if he didn't hurt my feelings two days ago. I vented to him on the phone and he just said I gotta go. We stopped talking, all his promises were lies. This friendship was totally one sided where I was giving my support, chasing after and caring but he didn't care.
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  • I treated my friend bad because of hardship in my life and she disappeared. I tried to find her, apologize to her and all, but with no avail. And now I feel like a big stupid a-hole... What I'm trying to say is that if he ever comes back, remorseful, give him a chance. JUST ONCE. And no more.

    • The thing is that he never really cared about me as a friend. He just stayed around and acted like a good friend when he saw hope for having a relationship with me. Once he saw that that wasn't gonna happen and he found someone else to be romantically involved with, he just disappeared. So doesn't that mean he never cared about me in the first place? He was treating everyone else right, just not me. He was just an orbiter I think.

    • Are you certain he was acting? Because if that's the case, then it's a 'no' to your topic question.

    • Well he promised me that even if we do end up with other people, we would still be there to support each other and be good friends. I think he just kept me around when he was in need of emotional support and "love" and when he found it in someone else (his long distant gf), then he didn't need me anymore so he ignored me and stopped caring all together

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