Do you think he, my ex, feels guilty for hurting me? Did he ever care?

This guy just broke up with me, telling me he wasn't over his last relationship. When we broke up he apologized many times, saying he never meant to hurt me. And two weeks later he asks a girl to be his girlfriends. They were already talking long before he broke up with me. This girl has had a crush on him for a while, and he told her that he was with me. But she kept pushing and then he left me for her. I didn't know about her until after this happened. But if he ever cared about me, how can he already ask her out. He took her for their first date the same place we went for our first date. He used to send me these super long messages about me being the only girl he wanted to be with. I just don't understand how he can just be with her, and not feel guilty for throwing me away.


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  • Nope and nope and shame on you for getting into a rebound

  • Exes don't feel guilty after they moved on.


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