My parents don't want to see my girlfriend ever again, I can't decide what to do?

We're both 22. We've been going out for almost two years. The relationship hasn't been perfect. We have our moments, she sometimes get extremley obnoxous, and i have a bad temper. But i've learn to accept it, as well as she's been controlling her emotions. I do think she has aspergers (mild autism).

I've moved 2 hours away from her to study. She's not been taking it very well. We had our arguments, until recently she was okay with it. My family and friends have always pointed out that she is a cold person, and treats me badly sometimes in front of other people. I blame it on her aspergers (even though I've never confirmed) and accept her behaviour cuz her bright side always wins according to me (she can be very sweet and cute). I wanted to break up several times, and often question the relationship, even when we're having a fun time, but i stay because i do love her very much.

This Friday my parents thew a party at our home inviting close friends and relatives. She had a long face from the beginning, she wouldn't talk to me but was very social with my 2 brothers. They drank together, she kept dissning me. It was pretty evident she was trying to get me jealous. She even shut the door to my room and drank with them for hours. I opened the door and she stopped talking every time. My brother was extemley smashed so he thought it was okay.

It escalated when i hear her talking about relationship problems with my brother where i could hear everything. I confronted her alone, she broke up.

My mother observed everything, she went to talk to her and they fought. My mom told her she doesn't wanna see her ever again. My parents and relatives all agree that it was extemley innapropiate behaviour. She now blames my mother for everything. Im talking to her this Friday, but im unsure if we should break up. She'd been very kind to me lately, i see she was making an effort. But that night was very awkward and painful. She says she was just having fun, but my family disagree.
My parents don't want to see my girlfriend ever again, I can't decide what to do?
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