What did I do wrong?

So almost a month ago I broke up with my girlfriend. She was my first girlfriend. But she was always taking her anger out on me and was mad at me 90% of the time for stuff I didn't even do. She'd come home from work pissed at a customer and take it out on me. She always said I traded her for my friends when I didn't. All of my attention was towards her. She'd get mad at me for going out with my friends once. She and I argued a lot and when we did she said she wanted to talk it out. But we never really did. She yelled at me and called me names while I sat there silently taking it, and when I didn't reply she said "Are you going to say anything?" I replied with "Why? You're just gonna yell at me more. So what's the point?" and she said she didn't know. I couldn't deal with it anymore and left. What did I do wrong? I feel like it's my fault.


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  • I know that it is definitely at times like this people feel that they are wrong, but honestly, that is natural default. I can honestly say with my first boyfriend that I broke it off with: before we broke up, I felt that things were always my fault. He was very manipulative and always turn things against me, but once I realized that he was truly in the wrong, I broke up with him and did not feel bad. Your first girlfriend is very immature about handling her anger. The fact that you were able to walk away is a very strong move for a 16 year old. I know things will not be happy for you right away, but you will come to realize that your choice was the best for both of you because the relationship was not going to work out.


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