Acting like nothing ever existed between us?

I'm really confused.
My boyfriend (before the falling out) seemed so infatuated with me, but he decided to go out of the country for med school, and after he left he became really distant and like he was pushing me away. The night before he left we had a screaming match over him not treating me right.
This is terrible, but on Snapchat I noticed his score was rising dramatically (I know, monitoring him is stupid - but I never confronted him so I didn't start a fight). And I felt in my gut he'd found some girl.
Then he just stopped talking to me one day. I was busy with work so I ignored it, but every day I hoped he'd message me. I posted on my snapchat story frequently (and he viewed them all) but he had left me on read. I stopped texting him when he left because of his "phone bills".
So I texted him how he was and he suddenly went into defense mode and said he hadn't ignored me at all (he ignored all my posts so how more can you lie?) Then outright said this wasn't going to work.
Of course I got angry and upset, because how could he turn on me so fast?
He was so heartless with what he said, I told him numerous times he was stressing me out and really hurting my feelings and he was basically telling me 'too bad this is how it's going to be'. It was almost abusive.
So I ended it with me telling him to never contact me ever again.
I feel free that I finally got some closure after all the ignoring...
But how could he act like nothing happened between us at all, and grow cold so fast?

I've blocked him on all social media outlets... but I looked at his snapscore a couple more times (I was obsessing, I know :( ]. And it was really increasing, so he was snapping either a lot of people... or one person a lot. Which I think is what it was - one person.

I think there was another girl and he wanted to break up with me without actually telling the truth.
Acting like nothing ever existed between us?
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