Why would a guy blocked your number after you ended things with him?

We met through an online dating app. Initially, I just wanted a fling. I actually was doing fine w/my fling idea; however, there was one guy who changed all of that for me.

Since day 1 talking, I felt like I knew him despite it was online dating. We talked everyday, he was always very respectful & considerate of me. Even when I take hrs & hrs later to reply - this guy always replied to me asap w/thoughtful responses. On the 3rd day, he asked me out to go stargazing for our 1st date. The day before our date, he confessed he really liked me & hoped I would like him back tomorrow. I returned his feelings in response.

During our date, he told me a lot of times that he really liked me. He mentioned he was leaving to the army within the next week. He opened up a lot, and I actually like how he is from texting to in-person. However, he was leaving.. I was stuck on what to do. Before we left home, I felt like I trust/comfortable with him enough that I would not mind sleeping with him. Another part of me felt like it was bc I knew he was leaving. After we did it, he told me he really liked me & kissed my forehead after I explained why I did it. He told me it was his first time meeting & sleeping with someone like this such as myself.

I asked him to be exclusive talking 2days later since I can't see myself continuing w/o the establishment. He declined at first since he was concerned for me due to the distance &past fail distance relationships while he was in the army. However, he agreed after we discussed things. I felt the warmth in his voice & we seem happier. But the day before our date (2 days after), he texted me how he felt like he made a terrible mistake esp after talking w/friends & fam, he would wanna try if he'd gotten time to knew me longer and he wouldn't be able to see how I really am despite texting all day.. &he'd steal my emotion, time when someone else can do more than him. I ended it, and then he blocked me. Why block me? Why back out? Was he insincere?
Why would a guy blocked your number after you ended things with him?
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