Why would a guy blocked your number after you ended things with him?

We met through an online dating app. Initially, I just wanted a fling. I actually was doing fine w/my fling idea; however, there was one guy who changed all of that for me.

Since day 1 talking, I felt like I knew him despite it was online dating. We talked everyday, he was always very respectful & considerate of me. Even when I take hrs & hrs later to reply - this guy always replied to me asap w/thoughtful responses. On the 3rd day, he asked me out to go stargazing for our 1st date. The day before our date, he confessed he really liked me & hoped I would like him back tomorrow. I returned his feelings in response.

During our date, he told me a lot of times that he really liked me. He mentioned he was leaving to the army within the next week. He opened up a lot, and I actually like how he is from texting to in-person. However, he was leaving.. I was stuck on what to do. Before we left home, I felt like I trust/comfortable with him enough that I would not mind sleeping with him. Another part of me felt like it was bc I knew he was leaving. After we did it, he told me he really liked me & kissed my forehead after I explained why I did it. He told me it was his first time meeting & sleeping with someone like this such as myself.

I asked him to be exclusive talking 2days later since I can't see myself continuing w/o the establishment. He declined at first since he was concerned for me due to the distance &past fail distance relationships while he was in the army. However, he agreed after we discussed things. I felt the warmth in his voice & we seem happier. But the day before our date (2 days after), he texted me how he felt like he made a terrible mistake esp after talking w/friends & fam, he would wanna try if he'd gotten time to knew me longer and he wouldn't be able to see how I really am despite texting all day.. &he'd steal my emotion, time when someone else can do more than him. I ended it, and then he blocked me. Why block me? Why back out? Was he insincere?


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  • sounds like he was sincere about his statements. blocking you was more for him rather than trying to hurt you. it's a shame that it ended.

    • :( But why did he needed to block me for him? when he was the one who initiated for us to not try anymore? I guess I just don't understand because I felt like I was the one who got hurt instead... I also didn't cuss him out or anything. I simply ended saying I was being sincere, how was he sincere this whole time, and I'll let him go.. wish him goodluck on his search and the army.

    • maybe because he needs to stay away because he doesn't want to feel anything and blicking you avoids that temptation. it's only speculation and one interpretation, but i think it fits if he indeed was always sincere with you. it doesn't mean he tried to hurt you, but it's unfortunately the reality of such an action. he didn't have to block you to move on, unless he has a good reason, for example like the one i suggested.

    • Thank you... you kind of gave me the closure I needed IF he was sincere. I appreciate your honesty and advice.

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  • don't think he's insincere. he probably want time off and nothing that reminds him of you while he cools off. i think it was all too rushed and he got overwhelmed.

    • Thanks for telling me. Honestly, I felt rushed & pressured to figure out what to do about us too.. because it was all too sudden that he was leaving :( and then we ended because I felt like he initiated it.. while I finalized it.

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  • They are apps that can unblock the number and you can message him. It can happen on any website too but it's harder to bypass.

    • We both actually deactivated our dating app acct because we became exclusive. But he blocked me on my actual number... :/

    • wait, an app to unblock actual numbers? :o I'm not sure what would it do since he blocked me... doesn't it mean he doesn't want to talk to me? :/ I'm not sure why he need to block me when he initiated for us to not try anymore... It recently has been a month since we stopped talking.

    • Yes and there are ways to evade the block he sent you. You can hash your number and clone it to your phone but I don't recommend it because it's illegal.

  • He broke off communication, he simply doesn't want to talk ever again.

    • Does that mean he never cared about me? despite he told me tons of times he liked me during our first date, we were still texting everyday and a lot, and our second date..

  • You ended things with him. That's it. The relationship's over. Don't keep looking at it further. Yous aid it yourself. It's over

    • said*

    • Yeah, I tell myself the same thing. "it is over" I ended things because I felt like he initiated for us to end... and so, I finalized it because I didn't think he'd wanted to try. However, I regretted it initially for ending things w/o hearing his confirmation if he still wanted to go on our second date. I was scare of getting more hurt, so I left first.

    • Ah, yeah, honesty. Honesty always comes back in to play. People are just too afraid to be honest... and that's all anybody ever wants, ain't it?

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