Why the lovers using their partners like a clothes?

why the lovers using their partners like a clothes.?


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  • What? Likeeee in my country says - You change these boys like socks. You mean like that?

    • somthing like that. ☺

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    • It's such a shame to cheat on your partner. Like, I never forgive people like this (I'm killing slowly myself because of this). And I'm trying to be nice. People need more nice people. Because are society is getting worse and worse. I will get a lot of hate because of that but that's how it is. My mom once told me that I won't be able to survive in this kind of world if I'll be soft.

    • be careful dont send any message to this persson

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  • bc we are not doves
    we won't die if we do and also exploring new people is fun


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