Guys, why do you act indifferent after a break up even though it ended in mutual agreement?

I'm not the type of person who would chase men...
I still care for him though to protect my feelings out of the long distance relationship, I told him it's best if we remain friends only. He said he loves me but it will be very difficult for me to trust him and see his true motive if I'm not there physically with him. Though days after that he's already back with the girl he dated (while we're still together) in the same location as him.

Need your advise if I should just avoid talking to him. Not really sure why he's giving me that "cold" treatment.


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  • when he does that, he is actually inlove with you and the option for him now is another to placate/reduce the feelings he has for you. he wil regret that later on. he is scared of being honest with you and himself

    • Thank you for replying. Though I don't understand why he's back immediately to the girl he said that " they're not a good fit ".
      I do care for him but I'm afraid of the constant avoidance. I texted him twice and didn't get any reply. He's my work colleague and he's very cold even when we're having work conversations. I try to be as cheerful as I am because that's the usual me.. am I doing the right thing?

    • its really hard to love someone and being next to them is even worse. they have a feeling inside that is pushing them to the edge and what he will do is to find a immediate escape, and that girl was maybe available for that. it make sense

  • The reality of a breakup is most often one party has already accepted it before it happens, which can make them seem cold and distant.

    • Thank you for the reply. So it's just right that I don't talk nor initiate communication to him anymore at all? It's hurting me but I guess part of moving on.

    • Yes, that's part of it.

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