Why do people quote Marilyn Monroe?

I mean she wasn't a great actress (I've watched all her movies). She had an affair with JFK and hasn't ever been able to keep a relationship. She committed suicide. I will admit she was beautiful, but not a role model.

For example, a guy who is cheating on his wife just used the quote "Do not marry an unfaithful man, you might learn something" My response was, She's not really a role model to me since she committed suicide. He hasn't responded, which is fine by me, but why do people thinking quoting her sounds profound?


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  • They quote her because she was a significant figure. Most quotable people weren't perfect, or even very likeable. Also, she's one of those people who didn't say half of what people say she did.

    • I'm not saying she's a terrible person, but other the n beauty I can't say there is anything I really admire about her. But I like the way you stated this.

    • I don't think she was terrible at all, I see her as more of a tragic figure. And I think that tragedy makes a lot of people relate to her. And thank you, it's something I've given a good deal of thought.

    • I don't think she terrible either, I just don't admire her. Although you are right about tragedy, she's proof beauty is sometimes a burden. I don't dislike her, just doesn't seem like a person I would quote, but I guess that personal preference

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  • Because no matter what, she was a celebrity and people nowadays think celebrity quotes are wise and fancy. It's just another idiocy of modern society.

  • I never quoted her.

    • True, I should say some people, not all people.

  • People and their celebrity worship.


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