When your guy says he needs some space how would you take it?

We have been seeing each other for 6 months. In July we had a argument and he wanted space since than we haven't seen each other or spoken to each other but we text here and there when I do text him sometimes he respond and is very short and sometimes he isn't. I heard from others that he was telling them I was needing and it's annoying and just need space. It's been two months how much space does s guy need? Or he can't come out and just tell me that he isn't interested anymore? He told a friend of mine that we are friends and that maybe down the road he would pick-up were we left off. Why do you guys do that? Just tell us the truth


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  • You haven't spoken in two months?

    • Not on the phone mostly texting but not much

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    • We mostly text not actually talk talk.. I figured as mush he has been short with our conversation lately I guess this break means an end

    • Have you talked about it since?

  • get ready for a break up


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