She is playing games. Why do this?

Ex girlfriend broke up with me 3 months ago. Went straight into no contact. We see each other a lot as we do go to the same gym.
Within the 3 months, she has been on an ongoing cycle of hot and cold. She will be either extremely friendly or cold. Tries to make me jealous and attempts to get a reaction out of me.

The most recent example... A couple of weeks ago, she was flirting with me a little bit because I was topless at the gym momentarily. Then, I teased her back a bit about it. Chased me and said I wasn't nice in a friendly manner. (This day, she kept her gym bag next to mine)

The next time I see her, she becomes cold and completely ignores me. Keeps her bag next to mine though. Brought a friend in, says hi to him. Which seems rather obvious that she attempted to do that on purpose. But whatever.

After that, I see her again a few days later and she ASKS ME "Come here. Why do you not say hi to me anymore?"
I'm like wtf. But Friday she seems to be quite neutral.

Why is she playing these games?


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  • Sounds like she's a naturally flirty person and that you shouldn't take it seriously.

  • from my perspective she wants to be your freind but doesn't kno how to draw boundaries between freinds-bf-ex. or she might just be bi-polar


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