Does he wants me back?

My boyfriend and I broke up almost a month ago, since we both agreed on the break up and had a great vibe together we agreed to stay friends. So he has been texting me since then, he'd send funny videos, pics, etc.. he Texts me regularly text sometimes I ignore him and the next day he would say "hi" again anyway, he texted me not too long ago and told me that I spoiled him because he can't stop thinking about the things how we used to be ( the things that we would spend hours talking about almost every single day) I told him that I don't know what to tell him ( I'm not sure I want him back) I told him that since you miss our endless talks you seemed uninterested about the majority of the things I'd tell you and he was like I was pretending like I don't but I was. He then brought this convo that I had with him before we broke up, I told him about the things i want to do for Christmas with him when comes to visit He was like," can you tell me about the things you wanted to for Xmas? and I was like " but I told you already " He was like just tell me bcoz I have something to tell you so I was like I wanna go to a nice concert, etc, he asked me what's "etc". After I told him everything I asked him why did he ask me that question because we're no longer together and he told me that he promised me something and he will keep his word, And said "I will give you a surprise". Then I was like since you wanna keep your promises, remember you said that you wouldn't let me go? He texted back and said that he loves me but sometimes when you love someone you have to stay away from them to keep them happy and he said that he doesn't want to hurt me, I was over the convo so I was like ok". He kept on texting me and asked me if he could be my first kiss ( I have not had my first kiss yet, I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing) i told him no because he's no longer my man. Why does he feels like he has to keep this promise and why does he wants to be my first kiss?


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  • by the looks of it, he agreed to the breakup just because you wanted it and he assumed that it was what you wanted and that would keep you happy.
    but in reality, you still mean the same to him and he still feels the same way towards you


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  • I think he still might like you


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