Do I have a chance with my ex?

We were off and on in a very complicated relationship for a year and a half. Every time we break up it's very dramatic and he calls it off and immediately blocks me. I haven't even been trying to contact him so I don't know why he's still blocking me I just know I'm still blocked cus I called the other day and went straight to voicemail. We haven't really talked since January/February. he got this job at this liquor store and I ran into him there in spring. He was nice which was surprising but still didn't seem to want contact with me.

I just got this job as a receptionist at a hotel. I'm really desperate for work and there aren't that many places to apply in my area so I had to take the job there. But then I remember the liquor store is right beside the hotel (and his house) so I was worried I'd bump into him a lot. Now I find out that he has to go through the hotel lobby in order to punch in and out for work. I saw him walking outside once but he didn't see me. I called him and left him a nice voicemail the other day just saying I got a job at the hotel and I just wanted to let him know so he wouldn't be shocked if he saw me there. And then yesterday as he as punching out he came through the lobby. He actually looked at me when he walked out the doors and smiled. it wasn't his fake smile it was his real smile. And then he waited for me to smile back and so I did and then we waved at each other very subtly and he gave me a nod and then he left.
I have a feeling I'll be seeing him come in every once in a while and I don't know what to say. When we broke up 6 months ago he yelled at me that he hated me and blocked me and then his family got involved. His cousin was giving me a hard time and convincing him to treat me the same way. I still love him and I don't want it to hurt to see him at work when he walks by. I don't know if just because he smiles and waves at me that he'll actually make conversation at work but I want him to know that I've changed and grown
Do I have a chance with my ex?
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