Stupid ex won't get out of my head ? I have to study for college ?

Long story short we broke up the first of August.. He is a complete ass who I now realised just used me... we have kids together which is why I tried to make it work.. but he is extremely selfish and a narcissistic personality. He hide his alcoholism from me along with a lot of other lies.. I cried pretty much the entire relationship.. I haven't seen him in about 3 months due to his job.. anyhow.. I picked myself up and I am in college and am dating a new guy who I have known for 12 years.. He is everything I could hope for in a person.. I am generally happy and have a lot going for me.. yet I still can't help but feel sad that my ex didn't even fight for me and never ask how his kids are. ☹ I'm trying to study and focus on the positive... but it's so hard ☹☹ any advice?
He called me today.. asking for another chance.. claimed he loved me and I was his world and he is trying everything he can to get a job near by. ... he said he loved me and he hung up. I never said I love u back.


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  • You cannot have any type of relationship with an alcoholic or junkie because their first love isn't you or even their kids. It's their next drink or fix


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  • It might help to actually write out a list of pros and cons concerning your ex. I know most other people will just tell you to let go and stop thinking about him (as if it's that easy), but love is blind.

    For me, when I was devastated with my ex, actually writing it down helped a lot. It helped to actually see how much of an ass he was. Why he wasn't worth my time+energy, and to see it on paper how much the cons outweighed the pros rather than just having those negative thoughts running through my head 24/7.


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  • I would say no contact at all but u have kids together

  • The new guy isn't even had as good as the ex.
    I can bet my bottom dollar that the ex is a god compared to the new guy.

  • Sounds like you're just attention starved.. you're bored of studying, so, you want attention. Stay away from ex's, they are drama. Pay attention to what you say you "have to do", right?


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