Love problems I don't know?

When will i find the right person i always put myself out there and end up being burned and hurt in the end i trust to much when i should just be walking on egg shells to prevent myself from being hurt and broken again


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  • I believe you will find the right person out there
    i been single since 2004 so i haven't met a girl
    since then so i believe true love comes when we
    least expect it to come.


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  • Love can be tricky. It's often a good idea to take it slow, because people who tries to rush it, often aren't driven by love. It's okay to put yourself out there, and show that you're available, but remember, when doing that.. besides the "right one", there's a million other people always looking your way. It's not easy to find the one and only.. :)

    Try to focus on yourself, and what you want. Who knows.. you may just find someone who enjoys the same things you do.

  • you will find solution very soon just faith in God


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