Is it ok to ask an ex for relationship advice?

My ex girlfriend and I dated for 8 months and have been broken up for 6. I recently invited her out to catch up. It wasn't the first time we hung out since the breakup.

I'm having some problems with the girl I'm currently seeing, so I decided to bring it up and ask for advice. I also told her that certain things my new girl said or did during the argument reminded me of my ex. And ex got mad at me.

She's also in a happy relationship with someone else, and I thought that we were friends so I just reached out to someone to talk to. So I don't get why she's so upset


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  • I wouldn't lol. You guys broke up and now you are asking her how do I get another girl even though we had a relationship. That's kind of harsh. It is nice that you both are on good terms and that she is happy for you but there will always be something there because you guys have dated before

  • It seemed like you hadn't let go of the argument with your ex because you were mentioning it in a negative light.


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