How to get back my long distance ex boyfriend, please help me?

He broke up with me after 2 years together. It was less than 1 week ago. However its not the first time. Its second or even third. He said he's been thinking about it for 2-3 weeks. However, he say he just feels he needs space and he doesn't feel he has someone (me) or wants to have someone. He said "its like my feeling for it went away" and doesn't know when he will want to share something again. He said exactly the same last time we broke up.. that he needs just "space". We agreed to remain friends (last time when we broke he suggested the same) and he reads my messages more often now and he answer my calls, we even did our tasks together on video call these days and he said he isn't upset or annoyed by me but he looks angry , tired and sad. His friend , which is also his roommate told me he always has a sad face too. I told him he is too negative person and when i asked him about a positive thing in his life he said "im a bit lucky man coz i had a quite good girlfriend" I think he just has a bad mood but he won't admit, its clearly he still loves me and as day passes, he will feel better and come come back to me.. is this possible? He is a bit stubborn and full of ego and he won't say "ok" without a good reason. Last time i told him i have graduation exams and i need him to stay with me till then, so he did.. he truly doesn't want to break, he is just moody and stubborn. This was around 4 months ago. This time, what to tell him? I need a reason, it works with him! Something sad, or important event and he will know "we can pass it again". Please give me some idea!


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  • I and my boyfriend were in long distance relationship and we've broken up for 2 months, I know how you feel. I love him and I know he still loves me, but we broke up for some reasons. To win back ex, especially in long distance, we need to follow a plan, not emotion. I've read so many websites and blogs to learn what to do to take him back. And I found that the first thing I need to do is control my emotions, stop being panic, needy or desperate, don't let negative emotions lead you to do something wrong that push him further.
    He hasn't come back to me yet, but I'm feeling better. And I still don't give up. Just send me a message if you want to talk. You're not alone, girl ;). This is a website that maybe useful:


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  • To be honest, it's not as easy as just getting back with him. He broke up for a reason. Best thing you can do is to understand that reason and see where that leaves you.

    • He said "maybe i just "want" to break". But then he said "i dont want to hurt you anymore.. better now than after 5 or 10 years.. coz i hurt you enough.. just stop this topic oke?" Its like he doesn't know himself what he wants. And i told him "i can give you alone space" but he said "we have to walk in our ways. But you dont need to worry about it". However we text everyday and call almost everyday too. I can see he still cares about me.
      And i know him, he said himself "im a silly man". I just need a reason to make him come back.. he still have that warm smile when he sees me with that sad look and angry mood

  • LDR's, and ex's are DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA... just go to a bar, say you're horny, and get your sex that way.. stay away from drama

    • Next summer i wanted to visit him in his country. I know he truly loved me, but he is a moody man. He told me himself "im a silly man". And i never had sex lol

    • Like I said, just stay away from Ex's and LDR's, it's just drama

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