All about Ex's and Why's?

Why is it that some of us always have that one ex that is still lingering around while we're over here doing our thing moving on? Do we like keeping them around? Do we not went them to move although thats what we're doing? Or Do we just have that one ex thats a complete pyscho? "I need explanations"
*All stories are welcomed*


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  • Some people just don't understand when it's over. They hang on by their fingernails and watch them slowly being ripped from their fingers. They would rather give up their dignity and self respect than face the grief that comes with loss. They don't understand that a long and drawn out torture is not a better solution. They prefer to bury their head in blind hope, based on absolutely no realistic chance of resolution.

    When it's over, it's over. Let the fuck go, from both sides, and move on. That's my advice. In fact, don't wait until you need to be told that it's over. Exit the building before it collapses, not after.

    • This insight was great! Wish i had the same mindset with my last... but boyy did it take a toll on me but now im just living life hoping the same for him

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  • I have one who simply won't leave me alone regardless of how much I've made it clear I'm not interested. I also ignore him. Still get messages.


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  • All that matters os how well you ignore said lingering ex.

  • We hope they aren't happy. Every ex hopes that for their ex's, we want them to fail

    • Say you guys broke up on mutual terms... but still they are there basically watching our every move !!!

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    • Smh!!! Dont think ill come across any like yours !! Ill be MHOing you once it hits my 24 hour mark lol

    • If you remember to

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