So I left face book :(?

I deactivated all my accounts I had about 5 cuz of my ex he is the reason I joined face book I know I miss friends over there my ex want talk to me even when I love him soooo much ; ( this is the very last thing thing I did I did all I can I send cards I messaged him then he blocked me..
he and me was togather for 5 years long distance for some reason cuz he had dippreshion and a small fight he broke up cuz i was crying and yelling at him wanting to see him last year but he said I have to wait another year or come to the USA I'll sent ticket I still cried cuz I had to wait it been 5 years now.. I love him so so much still that want never go away... what do y'all think leaving face book was a good idea or bad for me to get him back even later? Will it work? Cuz he still can contact me from my phone number and email pleas if your about to say *move on* do not comment on this it's gonna hurt me even more... I did all I can I send him sorry cards i text him So I left face book :(?


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  • Wait a second boyo, you were in a completely different country? Why did you try to maintain a relation with somebody in a different country anyway? Unless one of you moved (and after 5 years neither of you did), there's no way this was going to workout anyway. Surely you saw the writing on the wall?

  • I will definitely not work in that manner you want.. so that's not a good idea. but you can do anything with your account

  • You did right, zero contact its the best solution. Stay strong. You are pretty and you deserves somebody better


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