Dinner with my ex, for the kids?

My ex recently suggested that a few times a month we have dinner together with our daughters. His reasoning is that he wants them to see us getting along and showing them that no matter what we will always be a family even if we aren't all together under one roof. He thinks its important for them to grow up seeing us still being kind, caring and respecting eachother.
The only problems i have is that i dont want to give them the wrong impression that we are getting back together because rite now its just not something that is gonna happen. Secondly we didn't end things because one of us didn't love eachother or anything he just put work first too much and i wanted him more family oriented and to put at least our girls first but he just could never stop working! I dont want to give him hope that now that he wants to try to change things will go back to normal although he says thats not what he's trying to do.
what would you do?
Dinner with my ex, for the kids?
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