What a man does to you is what he feels about you. Guys, how true is this?

So if a man I love starts to pull away from me or just stops talking to me (he gave me 1000% of himself in our relationship) because of problems in our relationship, does that mean he is no longer in love with me? Or he is over me and our relationship? I did not give my all to him. He tried so hard. I guess he already gave up for real. :( Is there any hope? Or is it really over?


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  • Actions always speak the truth unlike words that are often lies

    • he's gone.

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    • just like that, he is gone. not coming back ever? his feelings gone just like that... i thought he loved me.

    • You had it right. He did try but just couldn't love you. Eventually the game gets tiring keeping up fake appearances and the truth comes out. People can't hide their feelings or who they are forever. This is why you don't rush to move in together or marry or have a kid etc

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