I Catfished My Ex and Told Him About It?

When we broke up months ago, I needed closure and an explanation but he never gave it to me. I tried to move on and even friend requested him on Facebook and Instagram but he never accepted it or denied it so I decided to pretend to be another girl so I could fool him into falling for me (I know how foolish it sounds) but as I was talking to him I started liking him again.
This only lasted for a week until today when he wanted my phone number because talking on Instagram spends the battery too much. To that point I couldn't take it anymore and told him who I was and why I did what I did and, by surprise, he took it lightly. He said it was okay and I didn't hurt anyone. I asked him various times not to tell anyone and he said he wouldn't but should I trust him?


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  • Have you really got closure? What have you achieved? How do you know the next guy to talk to you is not your ex catfishing YOU?

    It is all game playing, and people who play games like this usually end up losing.

    • Although it only lasted for a week, it was the dumbest thing I have ever done, I know that. If I could go back I would

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    • I don't want to jump the gun

    • Thank you for MHO.

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  • The better question is why should he trust you. You play a sick juvenile game like that with me I'll cut you completely and permanently out of my life. You'll cease to exist

  • that was really sick, if i were in his place you should be afraid!


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  • I don't understand the energy you expended on this journey. Do you feel like you have closure now?

    • In a weird way yes because he did tell. me in the end why we broke up. And i know its the stupidest thing i could have done

    • Okay, fair enough. Take care

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