IS THERE HOPE? Or should I walk away before I waste both our times?

I've been married for 6 years and 3 of those years my wife neglected my sexual needs because of work... we've been struggling to get the passion back... is there any hope or once the fire is out it's out?


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  • You can always light the FIRE back dude. Gals too have a strong sex drive. It just needs to be triggered the right way. If you know her well, you'll surely know what triggers her sex drive and makes you more sexually appealing. In my opinion, you should talk to her in terms of understanding what she likes or wants. Generally, these are minor things that you do that makes her feel special like, giving her a rose or ring, a b'day special party, give her a surprise, go out for candle light dinner, take her out for movies, et cetera. All this would require patience and perceiva. If she responds to this courting, try triggering her sexually in the way she likes it, for which should totally understand what she likes sexually. Wishing you the very best dude. Stay happy. Cheers. 😇💕


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  • There is always hope. talk it out, and be romantic to her, reignite that spark and nurture your marriage. You'll be fine.
    A marriage is not magic, it will not keep a spark going or tell you what is next, so grab the proverbial horns here mate and start "Dating her" as though you were not married.

    • That's solid advice and we have talked about it... I've tried making her fall in love with me again and she doesn't care and when I try I don't care so it's a back and forth game

    • if the care is gone, and you and her are unwilling to proceed to make each others life better, or even your own life better. It's time to separate mate.

    • I was afraid of that cruel reality

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