I am so hurt and I dont know what to do please help?

I met this guy online and we clicked. We got so close super fast and got together he really seemed to like me. We had a few fights but nothing too big. We knew each other through mutal friends but had never met. Eventually we grew feelings and started dating. We met one day and everything was really good. It was perfect we got a long and nothing changed. We met a few more times and everything was good. Then one day we met and ill be honest i wasn't looking my best, but i finally let him kiss me and we made out. That week was full of problems with him thinking i was lying over dumb stuff and we broke up. I miss him so much its been months all his friends and family knew about us and we were planning a future too so we were serious. Yesterday though a friend of mine told me that he didn't want to be with me because "i catfished him" which confuses me so much because he had seen me so many times i dont understand how suddenly "i catfished him" if i did why did he wait so long before ending it. Nothings making sense to me. Not to mention no ones ever called me a catfish before people usually say im prettier in real life. I dont know what to do or think. I confronted him and he told me he never called me anything disrespectful but he never denied it either.


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  • How long were you together?

    • A few months

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    • Yeah but i didn't really get any answers and i dont wanna hurt myself further

    • Absolutely not! Walk away and don't look back

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