Stay Broken Up Or Get Back Together?

My boyfriend and I broke up a a month ago, it was a mutual break up even though I initiated it. We had been arguing a lot and he was being distant. Now after ending things we still speak all the time and it's flirtatious and we still act like a couple. Yesterday he told me he loves me out of the blue and it's upset me because I want to be with him but he said he needs time to sort his life out and then we can get back together. He views our break up as more of a time out. I'm just tired of doing the chasing but I love him so much and can't see him not being apart of my life. I feel like he knows this and is taking advantage. I told him we should keep things friendly only and not be flirtatious but I'm still fustrated. I broke things off hoping he would be motivated to fix things and win me back but instead it feels like I'm chasing him and waiting. It's frustrating because he admits the relationship took a wrong turn because of his actions, I was making all the effort and he wasn't. I feel like he's reaping all the benefits of a relationship but without the commitment and when I try to bring it up he says he needs time to fix himself and then we can get back together. So what do I do? Wait? Why am I always waiting for him?


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  • Exactly, why are you always the one waiting for him? Let him make up his mind but definitely do not wait on him or anyone! your time is too precious to be wasted on someone who keeps you at their convenience. F that. Make him miss you. Keep yourself busy by doing you. Let him see what an amazing person you are and that there's other guys out there who will do anything for you.

    • Thanks for the MHG. So any updates on this one?

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    • Thanks for the MHG <3 update me later :)

    • Thank you so much for all your advice, I appreciate it ❤️

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  • Cut off contact for a period of time. Go do you. Dont wait for him to come back. If he truly loves you, he would come back later. Just give him time to fix himself but dont wait either.

  • Then distance yourself from him.


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