What keeps logic from playing the role it should play post breakup?

After a breakup, we can look at things logically and see why they came about and perhaps why that breakup might be the right thing. Why then, do we not accept it and move on? What the heck is the point of being in love with someone that has moved on? How do some get stuck here?


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  • Because it takes time for people's feelings to turn off after a break up. You can't be ready to be totally logical when your'e still feeling upset about things.

    • True. I see the logical side - knew from the beginning I'd likely have to chose between her and my kids. I just hoped it wasn't true. Logically it makes sense to go our separate ways. Yet, I'm a wreck and three weeks have elapsed.

    • It's okay to be upset when things don't work out AND to be upset when someone makes you choose between them and your kids. You'll get there eventually even though it's hard right now. media.giphy.com/media/mP94uHyKvY1nq/giphy.gif

    • Thanks!

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