2nd Chance?

Hi all, I met a gorgeous girl and have been texting her, flirting etc however she had canceled our 1st date on the grounds that she's not ready to date again, something along those lines. Anyhow I asked her to be honest and she said my lines were to strong and may have worked on other girls and she also has a young daughter that she thought I creeped her out by asking how her daughter was doing and I guess made a line "how are you gorgeous gals doing?" which I thought was in limits.I explained my position and so forth and she wants to wait a couple weeks and may go on a first date. I'm thinking I should totally back off and give here room and really tone down my flirting.



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  • Ya just give her some space. Still try and talk to her but don't pressure her with those strong comments. She sounds interested but was just overwhelmed by the strong comments like that.


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  • Well there are two things that I think of: at least she is honest about when you come on too strong and the second thing is that I am not sure how to say this but sometimes when you have a woman that has a daughter that can be a sign that you might be in for more.


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