Worst relationship mistake you've ever made?

just curious about various relationship screw ups, here's mine that still sticks with me today.

this happened to me junior year of high school:

i got an anon note from someone, and it took me about a week to figure out who (was hard too, had to call in a few big favors). finally I figured out whom it was (I flirted with her occasionally, she was smoking hot and WAY out of my league). so anyway, it took me a week or so after that to get the nerve up to ask her out... and it blew up in my face in a way I could have NEVER foreseen.

turns out her gushing to her best friend had made her severely attracted to me as well, and I asked while she was standing less then 1 foot away. she started to tear up and ran off, while the girl I asked looked gob struck, I gave her my number and walked away.

the next day I came into school and confronted the group again, telling them I wouldn't ruin their lifelong friendship by dating either of them, and I walked out of it. that p*ssed off numerous people and cause so many more issues...


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  • I lost my virginity to some random dude in college. A couple months later I ran into him at a party, after no contact whatsoever. He was practically begging me to hook up with him again. Of course, I refused. Fast forward to the winter break, during which time we started texting each other. I fell for all his typical player questions, which he used to pique my interest in him. We ended up dating for about a month, during which time he used me for sex without blatantly admitting to me that he just wanted a FWB. The fault was all mine, in hindsight.


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  • welll my biggest screw up was when I was dating a guy and slept with his best mate

  • I regret screwing around with a coworker of mine.


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