What do I do? I've fallen in love with my ex?

Little background: She was my first girlfriend and we broke up after a mere month. Here's the thing though: I didn't actually loved her, I just asked her on a date and then we become a couple. I didn't think my first relationship would work out but after 4 months apart I've grown to love this woman for the first time. I'm not desperate because I've been talking to countless women but I just compare them to my ex and I'm finally starting to realize I fucked up. How do I confront this? I feel bad because I didn't give it my all and feel like it's my duty to at least try and give her the real me. Love hurts.


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What Girls Said 1

  • You don't fall in love with someone by being apart, you fall in love with the idea of them and the person you've made them up in your head to be.
    If you're interested in her then see where she stands and if she's be interesting in dating, but understand if she doesn't and acknowledge your feelings aren't based on her but of the idea you think she is


What Guys Said 2

  • See how she doing, maybe she'd like to catch up with you.
    Most likely you're romanticising a past and first relationship that you've not gotten over yet.

  • Ex marks the spot ;)


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