Why has he changed his mind about our future?

A few months ago I broke up with my boyfriend because we were doing long distance (he is in Asia, while I am in America). We broke up because he couldn't tell me when he would be back, maybe years from now, and I couldn't handle the uncertainty. He was upset but understood. We both mutually agreed to remain friends and to plan for us to be together someday when he came back.

Now he's telling me that he can't promise we'll be together when he is back, that he is going to date again (which I encouraged because it's only fair) and that he does not know if he will be seriously committed to this next person. He tells me he still wants a future with me, but if that can't happen, he still wants to keep me as a friend in his life. He just isn't able to tell me that he won't commit to someone new seriously and this scares me.

Just a couple of months ago he was afraid to lose me, and now he's moving onto to considering someone new and jeopardizing our future. I am open to dating but I never considered thinking about someone else for the future while he now is. Why?
Why has he changed his mind about our future?
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