Girls, Girl at Local pharmacy always staring?

So every now and then I got to pharmacy to purchase moisturiser or compare prices etc in shopping mall, I tend to get a lot of stares especially in the city centre because of my bodybuilding since 14 years old I am now 22. But EVERYTIME I walk in this store she just stands there staring as I walk past and then EVERYTIME she sees me she. Just staring. so after a few times of going in and her staring I went to her checkout and she was nice but now she still stares for example if I wear gym clothes and now I just say hi and ask if she's ok and she says yes thank but don't ask me? . So I know i am quite muscular and a lot of people do stare obv men more cz they understand my hard work but why she do that?


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  • She thinks you're going to steal something.

    • Steal what? A tooth brush lmao

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