Cheated Because Of Long Distance, Heartbroken But Still In Love?

This guy and I have known each other for a long while and we both fell for eachother he lived about 1 thousand miles away but things were perfect, until yesterday when he broke up with me for no reason and then the next day told me he cheated on me but that was because he want a girlfriend that he could actually talk to face to face and not one thousand miles away, and I loved this guy to the point where I helped him out before with his problems I listened to him and gave him advice I was the light at the end of the tunnel for him, I promised over my life never to break his trust and that ill never hurt him and I'll always be there for him, there are a lot of things that he did in his past that he felt guilty, which makes him a great guy for knowing his mistake and learning from them, and I still do love him and I still feel the same way about him, even after all I did for him it still wasn't enough, I wasn't enough for him to be happy, but im hurt and heartbroken, My question is should I forgive him because he did it but told me the truth , felt, guilty and apologized so many times, or should I forget about him despite all of the feelings of him being a good person and not meaning any harm. P. S he broke up with the other girl the day right after they started dating.


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  • You sound like a great person. The trust between you two has been damaged. It was a really bad move by him. Things could be repaired, but it would require a lot of effort to get things into a healthy state again. It's not easy to just call him a flat out bad person, he obviously did wrong, but people do make mistakes, especially when young. Only you really know if he deserves being given a second chance / forgiveness. If you want to talk it through, tell me and I'll message you.

    • Yeah, I might need some help on this one, and he's definitely not a bad person I've gotten to know him and understand the way he thinks and acts, cheating isn't something he would agree with but I guess he wasn't thinking when it happened, but he realized he made a mistake and wanted to fix it, but instead ended up hurting me, and before you judge me by age im 14 and although it seems like im a dumb teenager who doesn't know what she's talking about, im more mature mentally so age doesn't define my Intelligence.

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  • He's not a good person. He cheated and good people don't cheat. I say leave him and stop talking to him


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