I'm afraid he still likes his ex?

i have a boyfriend who I love so much and plan on marrying, but I'm afraid he still likes his ex even though he says he wants to marry me and I'm the only one he'll ever love, etc. how do I get the truth out of him? and the more discreet ways, the better!

example--i think he still has a hat of hers in his room...


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  • Ummmm, what the h e l l is with women that don't think they are getting the truth from their man unless it is devastating news?

    You freely admit that he tells you that he loves you and says he wants to marry you. You say you love him and plan on marrying him.

    The only problem you have is that he's a lying, deceitful, cheating b-a-s-t-a-r-d. Does that just about sum up your relationship?

    Hmmm, maybe the real issue here, is that YOU have some residual feelings for a former Boyfriend and it makes you feel so guilt-ridden that you just assume your current Boyfriend must have the same problem as you, (or something to that affect).

    STOP TORTURING YOUR BOYFRIEND! That is, if you want to keep him around long enough to get married.

    • I never have called him that or thought of him as such! I love him and I want to keep this relationship and I'm just nervous that he'd leave me for one of them..

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    • I don't know how to approach him about it being there and I told him in not okay with her being around in general especially when she caused us to fight because she still wanted him..

    • You've got to find it in yourself to have a little self confidence and ask him why he's still in contact with his X's, and why he still has their things. There's just no way you will be able to maintain a trusting, loving relationship if you're afraid he might reject you because you're not comfortable with his behavior. Have the backbone to tell him you're not OK with this behavior! The best way to get answers, is to ask direct questions. Remain calm, don't get emotional. Just ask the questions.

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  • sex with an ex is a problem especially if they keep in touch bound to happen if they are not over each other...

    • How would I know that they were in touch though?

  • If he has stoped contact with her, geting rid of stuff that belongs to her and otherwise not talking about her etc, he might not forget her but with time he can move on...

    • Im nervous that he keeps contact but doesn't tell me...and another one left a message on his fb saying he was going to be near his house and theyre both really pretty...

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