Stay with her or leave her?

I have been with my girlfriend off and on for a little over 4 years. The total amount of time we've been 'off' is probably about 2 months, maybe 2 1/2. She cheated on me with my best friend (at the time) after we had been together for about 6 months when they went to the mall together around the holidays cause she 'wanted help getting me something'. Anyway, we broke up and I ended up taking her back around 3-4 weeks later, she was very apologetic and knew what she did was terrible. Forgot to mention she has a kid that is 5 now (was 1 when we started dating) and I love the hell outta him, his bio dad isn't in the picture and he's been calling me daddy the past couple years, because he wants me to and I would never tell him he can't do that. Sorry for all the details, just really need help.. Anyway, we have broken up a few times since then for random reasons, she's always been a flirt and makes shitty decisions when she drinks. She doesn't really drink anymore, can't remember the last time honestly. EVERY time we've broken up she has either slept with someone within 1-2 days or started 'seeing' someone within a week. We are together now, and have been the past like 11 months with no bumps, but maybe it's because I was just the best man at my friends wedding, but I've been thinking a lot about my future and about how I really don't trust her.. By the way, I have had chances to sleep with other women while we've been broken up but I just couldn't stop thinking about my girl.. WTF should I do..


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  • Trust is a high priority for a healthy lasting relationship in my opinion. It's sad that you don't trust her after four years, but i can see why. She may have changed though over the past 11 months. You obviously love her. You've given her plenty of chances, one more and move on (even though you broke up, sleeping with someone do immediately is rude). Try to build trust with her. For me, i cannot be happy without trust in a relationship.

    • Thanks bro. That's what I'm sayin, trust is HUGE. I can't imagine my life without her tho..

  • Based on what you said the best decision you could possibly make is leaving her, she cheated on you once and sleeps around whenever you have a fight, she doesn't love you mate and will probably start dating as soon as you're out the door, do yourself a favour and go.


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