Is it wrong if I let her treat me like this?

This new female friend who I have no further interest in, sometimes rambles to me about her boyfriend. Is that OK? Or should I interrupt her when she starts? I'm worried she might lose respect for me if I continue like this. Should I be worried?

I'm a real friendly guy, and always looking to have more friends. I recently met this girl, and she really caught my eye because of how immediately talkative she was with me. It's hard to find someone as crazy as I am these days, who actually listens to what I have to say. So we got along really fast.

Anyways, we've been talking a lot with each other and I have a feeling she likes me as a friend, and so we started telling each other things. She started talking about her boyfriend and I just listened since I thought it was cute, and then she began reading the text messages that he sent her, which I thought was funny because I didn't know girls got all happy by such simple, cheesy things. xP

But then, while she was doing that, I got worried. Because in the past, I had a friend like her, and she eventually stopped talking to me. It was as if she didn't respect me or something, and I always felt this was because I kept being so nice to her whenever she talked to me. And I'm worried she will eventually stop respecting me and telling me things just because I let her do it all the time. =.=

So do I have to worry about anything? Can I continue being friends with her like this?


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  • Threres nothing wrong with you being friends with her as long as you keep your feelings in check. Just don't have any hidden motives behind your friendship! Never pass judgement on her relationship and be happy for her if she is in a relationship. However the fact that you have already thought over that you would end up hurt if one day the friendship is no more could suggest you are developing feelings for her. OK so your friends just don't get too close where you end up hurt and divide your time equally amongst other people too, don't focus all your energies on her!

    • Thanks! =) But well, yes I do develop feelings for my friends, but those are friendly feelings. I don't like putting effort on a friendship just for it to one day fall apart. It's like I wasted my time. So if I feel that she's gonna think less of me just because I'm always listening to her even when she tells me about her boyfriend, I'm gonna start changing the subject when it happens.

      And yeah I have other friends, she's just a girl I met but she could never replace my other friends. =D

    • If most of your conversations consist of her talking about her boyfriend it would suggest that she is truly in love with him and excited that she has a good man. Another thing sometimes girls purposely talk about their byf/husband to other men so they are not sending out wrong vibes about their relationship status.Maybe she doesn't know what else to talk about change the topic, talk about movies, film, anything and if she bores you tell her politely you just remembered you had to do something!!

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