Breaking up with boyfriend... he is acting like nothing is going on?

I love him but I've finally gotten tired of the heartache- he is inconsiderate of my needs (he openly admitted he was selfish and inconsiderate) despite me verbalizing them like an adult and everything is about him. He knows I want to meet with him to do this face to face but it's been two weeks now and he "doesn't feel well" enough to talk on the phone or something is going on... and unless I initiate contact there isn't any. And he will just talk about himself as if we aren't even going through this. I've never dealt with this... we were together for over 2 years and this doesn't make sense to me. How someone could do this after saying how much he loved me and needed me in his life? I am just looking for anyone who has dealt with this or possibly have some perspective on it. Or how to proceed with this? Some of his stuff is at my house, and my stuff at his..

I realize I probably sound naive but this is my second relationship... and nobody I know has had to deal with it either


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  • Just break up with him. You don't need to do it face to face if he refuses to. Just tell him your through, you wanted to do it in person but he was too inconsiderate for that, and if he wants his stuff to call/text you for a swap otherwise have a good life

    • I just cannot comprehend how someone could emotionally withdraw so easily like that. It's a shame though. I thought he could be mature about it. But he said he couldn't look me in the eye. It's bullshit

    • You can't control how he reacts nor can you get in his mind. Just move on and let it go otherwise you'll spend WAY too much time wrapped up in someone you're trying to leave behind, which will make it sooooo much worse

    • You're absolutely right. But I do want my stuff back...

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