He is jerk or shy?

I have been dating this guy every time when it comes to meet he act strange like he ask me what do I have tonight and then when we plan to meet he will tell me I thought you are not serious and I cancel things cause he keep me waiting is very stupid and piss me off.. I cut him off and after a month he text me drunk and said I'm driving him crazy and don't know what to do with me.. he asked me what do I have tonight I told him busy he said we can meet when I finished work I agreed then i text him to confirm he confirmed then I finished work called him he didn't reply after about 30 minutes he said oh shit do we have to meet he thought I'm not serious.. I felt I'm talking to stupid clown I told him he is completely turn off.. can someone explain what he mean by this do he want me beg him to meet or shy.. or an asshole playing games.. !! Or dumb..


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  • If you are sure he was drunk so he was hang over and he might tell the truth but if you're not he is A ****** which making laugh from you

  • He is shy


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