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I have a question for you guys again so if your in a relationship and you love each other but in the middle of it it's getting dry not a lot of communication and a lot of arguments and one night the girl says "I think we should be better off friends " and the guy says "I dont care go ahead but fu*k that" do you guys really care?


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  • It depends on how far into the relationship, how much commitment and work has been in place. I have always respected a girl who wanted to separate because she believed we were better off friends. I always asked for a reason though. Never got mad, maybe sad but not pissed or anything. If she isn't happy in the relationship then I don't want her to be forced to be around. My goal is to make that person happy even if it's not with me.

    • I've put so much work on my relationship it's that he's not putting any effort into it and that good that you think that way

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    • He's posting on Snapchat and sending streaks but not txting back

    • Maybe he is just upset and needs to cool off. Tell him if he wants to be together you and him need to talk about how we can work it out.

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  • No. When the girl said they are better off as friends the guy surely got pissed off. It's just frustrating to hear that you know. If I were the guy I would just move on.

    • What do you mean with "it's just frustrating to hear that you know" and I think he did get mad but he hasn't txted me back and it's been a day

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    • Either he is testing you or he really likes her.

    • Ether one I feel like I should move on he might just be messing with my feelings

  • don't ask it

  • He probably is angry or some shit


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