What should she do?

Okay so I have this friend (Savannah) and she has a recent ex ( Kristian) and he treated her bad. He makes her feel bad about her self and blah blah blah. He did love her cause he'd buy her stuff and hug her and they'd make out and stuff. Blah blah blah. But recently they broke up and he threatened her that if he didn't get back together with her and fix things he'd send her booty pics to her mom. And he's bipolar. One day he'd cuss her out and say he's done but the next day he'd be begging her to get back with him and he'll say he's going to kill hisself. She doesn't want him and she's told him that a bunch of times. What should she do. She said she doesn't want to leave him hurt.


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  • Resort To Her parent. Tell The Truth Coz We All Do Stupid Stuff At Our Young Age - Grown ups Understand That.

    A Week Of Pain At Home Can Diminish Months and Countless Ounce of Pain!

    Break Up And Tell Her Parents For Security Reasons - It'll Surely Help in The Blablabla bla Long Run


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